Monday, 27 November 2017

Market day

WALT create adverts for our Market Day. I did not make this ad my friend Tristan did.

Do you like sports or music?

Andy Persuasive Writing Sample Term 4 2017

Music is more important than sport

Sport’s is more important than music

I think sport ‘s make people come from plase every year to play rugby and you can see your family.
And you can make those flabs into abs like I did. Agree or disagree.  Because to me I get 20 dells per try and maybe you can survive a haratake like my papa did and my nan. But sad you can get rushed to the horsestall on a chopu and if I did my papa would give me a hiding.
Like my uncle Joe did because he got rushed to the hospital he got a hiding. And you can get broken legs,arms and many other things.

Our budget is hanging baskets

WALT understand the basics of business.
To be successful we will:

Lists our costs and expenses

Know how many services/products we will see before we begin to make a profit

Students: Tristan, Chace, Ricci and Andy
Product/service   Recycled Hanging Baskets
T - Shirts
$0.00 (From home)
Strawberry plants
$1.80 each  (The Warehouse) x9  =  $16.20
Total costs

Expenses (one off and on going)
Poster made out of cardboard.


Total expense

Income (money that people will pay)

Per product

How much I expect to sell 9
Amount $45.00

I sell each product for  $ 5.00. To make a profit I must sell at least 5 of the hanging baskets

If we sell all nine baskets we will make a profit of $23.80.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

pH scale

I put my pH strip in the sparkling water. For nine minutes.The color that I got was brown. The next day we observed the eggs.
The egg in the water is fine.
The egg in the Red Bull Zero is ripping apart.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

My screencastify

I need to work on  not to say it fast and I liked working with Mason.

Monday, 30 October 2017


We are learning to read with fluency
To be successful I will:

  • Pause at commas
  • Stop at full stops
  • Sound natural (not like a robot)
  • Adjust my reading speed when I come  to difficult words

When I listen to my reading I know that I was pausing at commas. I am learning to read naturally.
Our screencastify
Image result for camouflage by ruth j.luhrs

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Possum Movie

WALT: Know the movie making process. The best thing about the movie is trying to shoot the possums.  In my Next move I will  try speak louder.  I in joyed been in the move. I learnt how to make a movie on I movie.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Did you know kids have to work well thats me?

WALT proof-read our work to make improvements
WALT use descriptive words and phrases to help us add interesting detail to our recounts
To be successful we will:
  1. Use words and phrases that describe what things looked like
  2. What sounds we could have been heard
  3. What we could have smelled
  4. What we could have felt inside (try use class examples of ‘showing’ the feeling
On Sunday morning I wearily get out of bed and headed  to work.
At 5:00 am I walk into the factory.There were a lot of boxes and it smelt like poo it was a pigsty.If I work hard I can probably can go to school.I wish I can save up my money and come and live up here.I said in an exhausted way.
The next day I was late my boss said to me you're not having lunch I said man my boss said now no pay he said no now next next week no pay. So I walked to my apartment and I said to ching am I going to stay here forever. Ching said yes you might like jake I don’t want to stay here with my dum boss because he makes front of me so once he was my Friend. And he will pay me the most I  had enuf to go to school I shouted love it!. I was walking on the smelly stairs and shouted! Love you boss.    

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Rounding like a pro

This is my rounding DLO. I have been learning to round to the nearest 10, 100. I made this with Tamaiti-pani.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Last week I was learning about how important it is to read instructions

Last week I was learning about how important it is to read instructions properly and to look at the key in graphs.

Here are a few problems I worked on. It is important that I look at the key because it will help me to understand  this problem
Children at the Park
Key: =  $ 10

How many children were at the park on Tuesday?30
How many were there on Wednesday?55

How many more children were there on  Monday than Thursday?40

Monday, 7 August 2017

at jump wold

WALT improve our writing by carefully checking our sentences and trying to add descriptive language.

My next step is to try and add more descriptive language and more detail to my story.

Backflip You Beauty!
I was so lucky because I was going to get taught how to backflip. Konrad,Mum,Dad,Piri,Jaja,uncle Jim,xivan and I. Went to the Auckland Jump wold. When we first got in we had to pay then we had to put on our bracelets and socks  to get into Jump wold. I ran as fast as a lamborghini next I jumped and done a fold flip. Then bang I saw Konrad he came to get me he said should I teach you how to backflip. My eyes sparkled and I shouted “yes”

First Konrad told me to Jump backwards  and  i'll slap your legs  so you can do a backflip my  Konrad will do it 6 times. Befor I do it on my leg’s.

I was so proud of myself because I can do a backflip. I had an awsome day. With my family. My smile was like it was stuck to my face.                                                                                                                                                

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Recycle E-waste

In my class we are learning about e-waste. This is my group. I was the one using the screw driver to
take the computer apart. This is my team that I took the computers apart with. The hardest part was when me and my team had to get the copper out of the fans.

Addition Subtraction

sentences DLO

Monday, 3 July 2017

my E-waste Cause and Effect

I am learning about cause and effect. I am trying to put cause and effect sentences into my writing. This is hard for me. 

Topic:Latest Gadget

One of the  problems is there are a a lot of latest gadget coming out  every year latest gadgets are are coming out like  iphone 7s ,playstation 4. The plastic can get made into something like a jersey and you throw away  your old gadget and then get the  latest gadget. You love it for a year or so  and then you throw it away. When this happens it is bad for the environment.


Monday, 26 June 2017

e-waste a electric devise like phones,computers way more things that have become rubbish

We are learning about the elements of dance. Our dance is about e-waste. Here is a short clip. We have not finished yet.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

at my mum’s birthday.

I am learning to use full stops in the correct place.
To be successful I will:
  • Put a full stop at the end of an idea (simple sentence)
  • Put a full stop at the end of two ideas if joined with and, but, or and so (compound sentence)

On a beautiful Monday the 29th of  May  it was my mum’s birthday.We went to my mum’s birthday at a chiefs place.In Whangarei with My dad, Areka, my mum, Konrad and I. Fast looking at the menu Next we started eating I had butter chicken and chips Next we had dessert  I had a banana split it was the yummiest kai. I have ever had. You should've seen me I was like a pig.Do you like banana splits? It was present time And for my present I got her a medicine ball and a per of shoes
My mum said “you don’t  need to buy me a present “. I said “why” so I went to my dad he said  “ask mum if she's ready”  

When we got home dad grabbed the cake and put it in his room. When mum came in we all shouted surprise it was the best cake ever

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Toku pepeha

I am learning to say a short mihi and my pepeha to an audience
Task: With support from whanau and classmates, learn this by heart. Then create a DLO of your choice that has you saying this clearly.

E tu ana ahau ki te mihi ki te kaikarakia.
Tena koe …………….te kaikarakia.

Tena koe………………..te kaihimene.
Tena koe ………………...te kaiwaiata.
Tena ko (Wheae Lana)
Tena koutou oku hoa ma.

Ko Hikurangi toku maungaFile:Pieter Both, mountain.jpg
Ko te Raparapa te awaFree Download
Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te wakaFile:Waka-Waitangi.jpg
Ko Matawai te marae  Image result for matawaia marae

Ko Miria te Wharekai

Ko Ngapuhi te Iwi

Ko Ngati rangi me Ngati morewa te hapu

Ko Matt toku papa
Ko Jean toku mama
Ko Andy ahau

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

I am learning to use correct recount structure independently.

To do this I will have:

Introduction - who, where, when, what

Time words

End with a reflection

The  Most Boring Day 

On a  loveLy Sunday Konrad,Dad and I went up the bush by  Tamaiti’s house. We went up there on our pushbikes for a ride. Dad said let's go for a ride up the bush.
 Finally we were up there. We got up the `hill Then we went down the hill. I crashed into Konrad. He fell off I said that’s what I was waiting for. When we got up the hill. I fell off. I said to my dad this is boring  when are we going? Dad said no fall off again. I said ohh man I dropped my head and derived and falled off. Then I had to walk my bike home because my handle bar fell off. I said no I said can we go home dad said yes so we went home then got on the road. It was funny day with my brother Konrad and my dad.

Next time I will try use adjectives in my writing. Adjectives are describing wold's

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

How did I sound?

This week we where screencastifying our speech. WALT speak fluently and talk with expression. What I want yo Improve on is talking clearly and to change the sound of my voice
I am proud of my self because I didn't rush
What I found hard was writing the speech
What I found easy was recording my voice

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

what do you do with your rubbsh

I am learning to check that or sentences make sense 

I think that we should not burn all the  rubbish. it is a bad thing we could reuse it like fix it make something out of would  make a ladder out  of it. don’t throw  stuff away always reuse and recycle.
Another idea is to don’t throw scraps in the dump give it to the pigs if you don’t  have a pig go see if your mat has one. All so reuse like make a hut or a table or a basketball hoop or a pack. Do you know that you can make a toy like a rocking horse. Don’t throw rubbish away.  Don’t throw these  things away  cans, books, boxes or cans. Don’t throw your rubbish away recycle it.  it will get made into something ours like shirt,pans. Shredded means when it.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Rubbish Day

This week I have been learning to gather, sort and display Information. We wanted to find out what families at Tautoro School do with their waste.

Firstly we created a questionnaire. The we made a tally charts and google sheets to present the information. One thing I learned was to make a pie chart.