Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Recycle E-waste

In my class we are learning about e-waste. This is my group. I was the one using the screw driver to
take the computer apart. This is my team that I took the computers apart with. The hardest part was when me and my team had to get the copper out of the fans.

Addition Subtraction

sentences DLO

Monday, 3 July 2017

my E-waste Cause and Effect

I am learning about cause and effect. I am trying to put cause and effect sentences into my writing. This is hard for me. 

Topic:Latest Gadget

One of the  problems is there are a a lot of latest gadget coming out  every year latest gadgets are are coming out like  iphone 7s ,playstation 4. The plastic can get made into something like a jersey and you throw away  your old gadget and then get the  latest gadget. You love it for a year or so  and then you throw it away. When this happens it is bad for the environment.