Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Possum Movie

WALT: Know the movie making process. The best thing about the movie is trying to shoot the possums.  In my Next move I will  try speak louder.  I in joyed been in the move. I learnt how to make a movie on I movie.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Did you know kids have to work well thats me?

WALT proof-read our work to make improvements
WALT use descriptive words and phrases to help us add interesting detail to our recounts
To be successful we will:
  1. Use words and phrases that describe what things looked like
  2. What sounds we could have been heard
  3. What we could have smelled
  4. What we could have felt inside (try use class examples of ‘showing’ the feeling
On Sunday morning I wearily get out of bed and headed  to work.
At 5:00 am I walk into the factory.There were a lot of boxes and it smelt like poo it was a pigsty.If I work hard I can probably can go to school.I wish I can save up my money and come and live up here.I said in an exhausted way.
The next day I was late my boss said to me you're not having lunch I said man my boss said now no pay he said no now next next week no pay. So I walked to my apartment and I said to ching am I going to stay here forever. Ching said yes you might like jake I don’t want to stay here with my dum boss because he makes front of me so once he was my Friend. And he will pay me the most I  had enuf to go to school I shouted love it!. I was walking on the smelly stairs and shouted! Love you boss.