Monday, 27 November 2017

Market day

WALT create adverts for our Market Day. I did not make this ad my friend Tristan did.

Do you like sports or music?

Andy Persuasive Writing Sample Term 4 2017

Music is more important than sport

Sport’s is more important than music

I think sport ‘s make people come from plase every year to play rugby and you can see your family.
And you can make those flabs into abs like I did. Agree or disagree.  Because to me I get 20 dells per try and maybe you can survive a haratake like my papa did and my nan. But sad you can get rushed to the horsestall on a chopu and if I did my papa would give me a hiding.
Like my uncle Joe did because he got rushed to the hospital he got a hiding. And you can get broken legs,arms and many other things.

Our budget is hanging baskets

WALT understand the basics of business.
To be successful we will:

Lists our costs and expenses

Know how many services/products we will see before we begin to make a profit

Students: Tristan, Chace, Ricci and Andy
Product/service   Recycled Hanging Baskets
T - Shirts
$0.00 (From home)
Strawberry plants
$1.80 each  (The Warehouse) x9  =  $16.20
Total costs

Expenses (one off and on going)
Poster made out of cardboard.


Total expense

Income (money that people will pay)

Per product

How much I expect to sell 9
Amount $45.00

I sell each product for  $ 5.00. To make a profit I must sell at least 5 of the hanging baskets

If we sell all nine baskets we will make a profit of $23.80.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

pH scale

I put my pH strip in the sparkling water. For nine minutes.The color that I got was brown. The next day we observed the eggs.
The egg in the water is fine.
The egg in the Red Bull Zero is ripping apart.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

My screencastify

I need to work on  not to say it fast and I liked working with Mason.