Tuesday, 30 May 2017

I am learning to use correct recount structure independently.

To do this I will have:

Introduction - who, where, when, what

Time words

End with a reflection

The  Most Boring Day 

On a  loveLy Sunday Konrad,Dad and I went up the bush by  Tamaiti’s house. We went up there on our pushbikes for a ride. Dad said let's go for a ride up the bush.
 Finally we were up there. We got up the `hill Then we went down the hill. I crashed into Konrad. He fell off I said that’s what I was waiting for. When we got up the hill. I fell off. I said to my dad this is boring  when are we going? Dad said no fall off again. I said ohh man I dropped my head and derived and falled off. Then I had to walk my bike home because my handle bar fell off. I said no I said can we go home dad said yes so we went home then got on the road. It was funny day with my brother Konrad and my dad.

Next time I will try use adjectives in my writing. Adjectives are describing wold's

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

How did I sound?

This week we where screencastifying our speech. WALT speak fluently and talk with expression. What I want yo Improve on is talking clearly and to change the sound of my voice
I am proud of my self because I didn't rush
What I found hard was writing the speech
What I found easy was recording my voice